The Voice Of Doubt

“You’re not good enough.” How many times do we hear that voice creep into our minds? Punishing us for wanting something better for ourselves, for wanting to press beyond our defined limits. Limits that we have created through our own perceived low worth.

After feeling lifted these past few days I fell into a low point today. I started to doubt my ability and even desire to execute this blog, as well as my entire plan to share God’s word through photography. Not only did I feel I wasn’t good enough, but that I just wasn’t ‘good’ enough.

God’s held my attention fairly sporadically throughout my life, even though I know he’s always been attentive with me. Was this to be another one of those times in my life where God once again loses my attention? Am I really just the sum of my anger and hurt?

I finally called out to God for help. And he answered. I am good enough.

We are all good enough and worthy.

One of my goals will be to post something every day. Even if it isn’t much but just a snippet of a thought. I need to keep taking steps on this road if I am to stay on it. It’s all too easy to lose sight of the path sometimes.

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