Spiritual Amnesia

Sometimes you can be so far off your path that you don’t even realize when you had strayed. The world wants to blind us, deafen us, and numb us to God’s love. Satan wants us to be occupied with the world, focused on it, and most of all lost in it.

This is a photo from a 70+ year old roll of film that I found and developed. We may forget who we really are sometimes, but God can always extract our true image if we open our hearts and allow Him to.

I haven’t written here in well over a year, yet it is this blog that remains standing when I strip away the meaningless pursuits in my life. And you know what? I still get a couple of people a day visiting it from China of all places. So someone in China is reading my blog posts, and perhaps drawing closer to God. How incredible is that?

I have been feeling lost for quite some time now. I allowed the world to swallow me up. I set my purpose on something other than serving God. And when that foundation shifted, it left me spiraling out of control. This is why only God can be the foundation of our lives, because only He is unchanging, and only He can fill the voids in our hearts that we seek to fill with everything but Him.

All it took to remember my spiritual identity was an incredibly long email to a pastor detailing my walk with Christ thus far. A pastor that God provided for me in an incredible time of need. I can see why now.

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